Hi, my name is Edith and I'm excited that you are here! I am a self-taught fashion designer and chartered accountant based in Birmingham.

EDKAY is the fruit of a life long passion for fashion. From sketching flat designs and turning them into beautiful timeless handmade pieces; to trying different colourful styling ideas, I always dreamt of turning my love for fashion into something unique.

I started EDKAY in  2019 right on my drawing board inside my one-bed Edgbaston flat. All EDKAY designs are hand sketched by me, and every effort is made to source fabrics and trims in a sustainable manner. To meet the ever growing demand of my wonderful, confident EDKAY ladies and gents, I sometimes make use of larger garment manufacturers to turn my designs into reality.
I now have a small team who work tirelessly with me to offer you quality fashion apparel at incredibly affordable prices.

I want you to find a true expression of yourself in each of our pieces. You will find an outfit for every season in my shop. 
I constantly seek to satisfy my ever growing customer base, who have become loyal to my brand as a result of the unique designs and customer service we provide. My priority is to ensure you are satisfied with every purchase you make.
I trust that you will enjoy shopping experience and appreciate the support you provide to my small business with every purchase you make. Please remember to leave your feedback.


Why not stay in touch? Subscribe to our newsletter here - just scroll to the bottom of the page. You can also send us a live chat or just email us at support@edkaycollection.co.uk or edkaycollection@gmail.com and our dedicated team will be in touch.

I hope to see you soon!


Best Regards